Trotsky was an individualist to his fingertips, a hater of the masses, a revolutionary narcissus. Read his books. He write about us, about men as those tailles, Evil, cruel, monkey,s called men. He hated us and he despised us because he thougt himself the most intelligent and the most brillant of us all for the social reason that he knew how to wield his hand and his tongue cleverly. What was he doing in a revolutionary party ?. He represented only that dying civilization which we are charged with replacing by another, a more fruitful. one if humanity ever reaches the stage of humanism, It wil only get there trough a civilization of the masses, either that or it will arive now here. It wil be destroyed en route there was little of that subtlely in Trotsky who could rarely with stand the temptation to remaind others of their errors and to insist on his superiority and foreshigt his very foresight, no less real because of its ostentatiousnes was ofensive. He was the born Troublemaker.